Our armoured patchcords are highclass fiber optic technology products to providing transmission of optical signals in harsh environmental. 
Mechanical protection for the fiber optic is possible by using high-strength stainless steel tube (pressure on the cable with the force 1000 [N / 100 mm]).

This provides protection against damage caused by being walked on a cable by an adult.
The special design also function as protection against rodents. The outer diameter of the cables used for the production of armoured patchcords is equivalent to the standard dimensions, it means that it doesn't require more space than standard cables.

Armoured patchcords are ideal solution for industrial monitoring and FTTX networks. Each product is customized, which means patchcords can come in any configuration.


  • Any length (length tolerance is up to 3 m: 3%, above: 1%)
  • Cable LSOH
  • Cable tensile strength 1000 N, cable crush 1000 [N / 100 mm]
  • Ceramic connector ferrule
  • Compliance with the following standards: ZN-05/TP SA-044, ZN-96/TPSA-07
  • IEC 61754, IEC 61755
  • RoHS Compliance

Polishing standards:

  • Flat,
  • PC,
  • UPC
  • APC 8°
  • APC 9°


  • Telecommunication
  • CATV
  • Monitoring
  • Industry
  • FTTx
  • PON

Armoured patchcord