Patch leads

Our patchcords are high-class fiber optic technology products. High quality production materials and the involvement of experienced engineers guarantee the best quality transmission. Special apparatus assisted manufacturing process helps maintain the highest performance of our pigtails and patchcords which are perfectly suitable for switching optical circuits as well as connecting transmission equipment. Each product is customized, which means pigtails and patchcords can come in any configuration.


  • Any length (length tolerance is up 3 m: 3%, above: 1%),
  • Cable LSOH,
  • Ceramic connector ferrule (termoplastic/termoset for MTRJ and MPO),
  • Compliance with the following standards: ZN-05/TP SA-044, ZN-96/TPSA-07, PN-EN 50377, IEC 61754, IEC 61755,
  • RoHS compliance.

Polishing standards

  • Flat, 
  • PC, 
  • UPC, 
  • APC 8°, 
  • APC 9°.


  • Telecommunications,
  • CATV,
  • Monitoring,
  • Industry,
  • LAN, MAN, WAN,
  • FTTx,
  •  Measuring elements.